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Got a new laptop! This time it's a Lenovo ideapad :3 Working great so far. It's so...light O_O

I also got some Copics today, all skintones. I've had maybe one copic marker, ever. I'm too chicken to use my Chameleons (also all skintones) because they have such a learning curve! I will someday, but...yeah.

Basically went out and had a nice day with mom. I'm happy about that :3
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I had a nice Thanksgiving even though I don't like turkey. I hope y'all had a good one too :3

I'm trying to find a psychologist who specializes in OCD. Not only do I have the "wash hands and touch stuff multiple times" kind, but I also have the "Pure O" kind, which is Obsessions. It is super unpleasant. The nearest one is in Charlotte which is about an hour away, and I can't drive myself so I've been telling mom how important this is. I sure hope she takes medicare.

I drew and pen inked the first thing in like...years. Now I have to color it. God help me, because I'm pretty sure I suck.
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I went to my first haunted house a couple of weeks ago! I'm proud to say I got the everloving crap scared out of me. It was Hallowed Mills up in Hildebran, which I'd recommend to anyone living around here. I must have exuded weakness because allll the monsters picked on me ;_; I was with Ashely, Jase and Josh. We spent a few hours loitering at Ingles' cafe thing beforehand.

I got myself a new Bamboo fineline stylus for drawing purposes. Thankfully it works with my dinosaur of an iPad. Here's what I'm working on at the moment;


yes the other hand disappeared I will find it someplace
that's gonna be a sword she's holding. ^__^
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I actually had a great time at dinner Friday night. I missed seeing them again today because I slept late :( They're gone back to Tennessee. They invited us to visit which I hope we can do soon, they live right on a lake and it's absolutely beautiful. I'd kill for that view!

In other boring news, I've lost 4 pounds :) Basically I just eat smaller portions during the week, and weekends I eat whatever I want (which isn't that much more anyhow) but it seems to work. I don't want to get burnt out and depressed again so I give myself a pass.
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SO I went to Oktoberfest last Saturday, had a good time! Until I had an "episode". I don't know what else to call them. Suddenly I couldn't see (everything was too bright), or hear, and I thought I was going to faint. It lasted a good ten minutes. Eventually I had to ask them to take me home, which killed me because I felt so...burdensome. Ugh.

We did go to the Halloween store. I got a plague doctor mask and a cool choker.

Tonight I'm supposed to go out with my godmom and her husband and my parents. I'm actually going because I don't want to be alone for that long. I'm worried that they'll all ignore me and I'll look like an idiot. One of the last times I saw my godmom, I said something directly to her face, and she turned around and walked away O_o It was so rude. She's also done other stuff I won't get into. Basically I'm just a ball of nerves right now.

Sorry for being so negative, I just need to vent.
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Oh look

I seem to write here about once a year. LJ seems pretty dead and that's a shame, because I (and a lot of others) have fond memories of this place.

Let's see....since I last wrote, I've moved houses and truly hate where I am now. I didn't have a choice or even a say in the matter. I'll probably be moving AGAIN in the near future. I hope it's someplace I don't loathe.

I've been pretty sick. I won't go into it here but...yeah.

I'm going to Oktoberfest with Ashley, Jase & Josh this Saturday, which promises to be a very mild day (thank God!) with a high of 71 degrees. I'm just waiting for it to feel like Fall. Anyhow, I plan to get hammered if possible. Wonder if I should wear my lederhosen XD
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My extended family down here are so rude to me, and then actually wonder why I don't want anything to do with them.

Example: Today. Why the hell would I go to dinner with someone who asked me to dinner one time before just so they could ambush me with really offensive questions (ie "Would you be upset if your mom had a heart attack and died?" like...really, bitch?) and cause me to break out in hives, then BLAME ME FOR BREAKING OUT IN HIVES. The fuh? Why would I go to dinner with someone who ignores me straight to my face? I actually offered to do something nice (AFTER the ambush incident) and she looks at me for a second, then turns away and talks to the other person in the room. Yeah, I offered to cook something for her family reunion (which she annually invades OUR kitchen to cook for lol) and she couldn't be arsed to answer me, I guess.

I won't even get into the rest of mom's side of the family. 😆 There's a total of like ONE person I like. Wish I lived closer to dad's side, my experiences with them are infinitely better.

But yeah, she invited us all out tonight and I said "No thanks" and she didn't understand why. LMAO. So they're going without me and I get to walk around the house in my underwear for a couple hours 👍

Eh, anyhow.

My back is friggin' killing me. Thank G-d I have an MRI this Tuesday.
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Long time no see, Livejournal.

Lots of things have happened since my last real post.

2014, had my gallbladder removed without much notice. If you have never felt gallbladder-related pain, it is a special kind of hurt. Good lord. XD

We moved in early 2015. Thought everything was gonna be great, until the money problems. We are moving again in 2017. There's a dim chance I might get to move to the coast. I really hope! I've been looking and there are very affordable homes on the NC coast for people in our income range. I can't explain why but I feel this intense need to be near the ocean. O_o

Earlier this year, my Grandma passed. I wasn't especially close to her or anything, seeing that they live in NY and I live in NC, so I didn't get to see them that much. Nonetheless, it sucked.

Shortly after that, I had a terrible falling out with a cousin which really messed with my head.

Then, my cat died. My precious Lengoe Hideki. He'd been having issues including a really nasty tumor on his side that was removed, and diabetes. I'd had him since I was 15. He was 16 years old and went into renal failure. I was absolutely crushed. I adopted very quickly, because I can't stand being alone. His name is Oscar and he's the goofiest creature on this earth O_O I really love him. I'll post some pics later and tell a bit about him :3

I got to reconnect with an old friend and we've been hanging out on a regular basis. :D

I started the process to get approved for weight loss surgery. It's kind of iffy right now, since I've been flaky in the past about things my doctor told me to do. I don't know if they'll let me have it or make me wait a while longer.

I haven't drawn much at all this year, so my new years resolution is to FUCKING DRAW STUFF.