October 9th, 2018

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Oh look

I seem to write here about once a year. LJ seems pretty dead and that's a shame, because I (and a lot of others) have fond memories of this place.

Let's see....since I last wrote, I've moved houses and truly hate where I am now. I didn't have a choice or even a say in the matter. I'll probably be moving AGAIN in the near future. I hope it's someplace I don't loathe.

I've been pretty sick. I won't go into it here but...yeah.

I'm going to Oktoberfest with Ashley, Jase & Josh this Saturday, which promises to be a very mild day (thank God!) with a high of 71 degrees. I'm just waiting for it to feel like Fall. Anyhow, I plan to get hammered if possible. Wonder if I should wear my lederhosen XD
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