Karasu (naraku) wrote,

My extended family down here are so rude to me, and then actually wonder why I don't want anything to do with them.

Example: Today. Why the hell would I go to dinner with someone who asked me to dinner one time before just so they could ambush me with really offensive questions (ie "Would you be upset if your mom had a heart attack and died?" like...really, bitch?) and cause me to break out in hives, then BLAME ME FOR BREAKING OUT IN HIVES. The fuh? Why would I go to dinner with someone who ignores me straight to my face? I actually offered to do something nice (AFTER the ambush incident) and she looks at me for a second, then turns away and talks to the other person in the room. Yeah, I offered to cook something for her family reunion (which she annually invades OUR kitchen to cook for lol) and she couldn't be arsed to answer me, I guess.

I won't even get into the rest of mom's side of the family. 😆 There's a total of like ONE person I like. Wish I lived closer to dad's side, my experiences with them are infinitely better.

But yeah, she invited us all out tonight and I said "No thanks" and she didn't understand why. LMAO. So they're going without me and I get to walk around the house in my underwear for a couple hours 👍

Eh, anyhow.

My back is friggin' killing me. Thank G-d I have an MRI this Tuesday.

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