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You, strange as angels

Dancing in the deepest oceans

24 April 1985

. Profile Info by NuttyMusings .

. Me .

I'm a 30something girl from North Carolina, USA. I spend my free time working on my many sites. swimming, and reading horror fiction on r/nosleep. I like making new friends, so if you want to friend me, don't hesitate! ♥

. Loves & Hates .

Likes: anime & manga, design, drawing, horror (movies, fiction, manga, games etc), disney, comics, making fansites/fanlistings, animals, chinese & japanese food, languages, history, learning, creepy stuff, sailor moon, magi: labyrinth of magic, inuyasha, ranma 1/2, hellraiser, lovecraft, clive barker, so much more...

Dislikes: hatefulness, tumblr (yet...I still have one.), crowds, being interrupted, condescending attitudes, those who abuse other people or animals, fuckin' CLOWNS, hot and humid weather